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Bed morning

Three WWI Poems

This animated short brings three war poems to life with innovative puppetry and animation work, each vignette sharing a different experience of “the war to end all wars” from a soldier’s point of view: John McCrae’s “In Flanders Fields,” Edward Thomas’s “The Owl,” and Wilfred Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum Est.” The Poetry Foundation and Manual Cinema present this animated short to bring these relevant poems to life.

Produced by Poetry Foundation
Created by Manual Cinema
Directed by Drew Dir
Bed sleeping
Boy at poster wall

Produced by

Po Fo


Produced by Poetry Foundation

Created by Manual Cinema

Directed by Drew Dir

Featured Poems

Edward Thomas’s “The Owl”

Wilfred Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum Est”

John McCrae’s “In Flanders Fields.”


Music and Sound Design by Ben Kauffman and Kyle Vegter

Narrated by Sean Garratt

Music Recorded and Mixed by Nick Broste

Mastered by Kyle Vegter


Amanda Bailey (violin)

Zachary Good (clarinets)

Myra Hinrichs (violin)

Samuel Johnson (trumpet)

Ryan Nyther (trumpet)

Nick Broste (trombone )

Will Russell (tuba)

David Scholl (bass)

Becca Wilcox (viola)

Katherine Young (bassoon)


Paper-cut Puppets and Sets by Drew Dir

Animation and Graphic Art by Lizi Breit

Owl Puppet by Sam Deutsch

Director of Photography Andrew J. Morgan

WWI Historian and Consultant Steven Trout

Visual Interns Jeffrey Katz and Skye Murie


Lizi Breit

Sam Deutsch

Drew Dir

Sarah Fornace

Julia Miller

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