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Moholy-Nagy: The Electric Stage

The Electric Stage was commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago in response to the exhibition Moholy-Nagy: Future Present. The Electric Stage creates an immersive experience combining shadow puppetry, vintage overhead projectors, cinematic techniques and a lice music ensemble to explore the life and work of László Moholy-Nagy.

Premiered December, 2016

Commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago
Created by Manual Cinema

The Electric Stage weaves together a series of vignettes, which emphasize Moholy-Nagy’s restless and wide-ranging practice and presents the artist as a pioneer of abstraction for the industrial age. An artist who believed every citizen could be creative, and every viewer could educate his or her senses by studying effects of light, transparency, and motion in common materials of everyday modern life.

MG 0848
MG 0850


Commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago

Created by Manual Cinema


Visual Design by Lizi Breit and Drew Dir

Music and Sound Design by Kyle Vegter

Production Manager/ Sound Engineer Mike Usrey

Puppetry Performed & Devised by

Kara Davidson

Lily Emerson

Michael Hamilton

Sarra Jahedi

Myra Su


Peter Ferry (percussion)

Zachary Good (clarinets)

Deidre Huckabay (flute)

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