May 12–May 13

Tempe, AZ

May 26–May 28

Calgary, Canada

Jun 01–Jun 04

Alberta, Canada

Oct 21–Oct 22

Cleveland, OH

Lightning strike edited v2

Future Feeling

Part eco-fiction, part haunted-house tale, Future Feeling is our new short film about a family on the island of Nantucket bracing for a hurricane headed their way. As the storm comes closer and the power goes out, strange things begin to happen in the house that force the family to reimagine their relationship with nature and leaves them forever transformed in the process.

In Production (2022)

Thank you for your incredible support! We exceeded our $30,000 Kickstarter goal and raised a total of $37,606!

Manual Cinema has been developing Future Feeling for four years--it will be our most ambitious film project to date! We've had incredible collaborators on our film work in the past (Jordan Peele/Nia DaCosta, New York Times), but this is a unique chance for us to make our first original short film, one that we'll submit to film festivals and positions us for even more ambitious work in the future, like a feature-film or TV series.

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