May 12–May 13

Tempe, AZ

May 26–May 28

Calgary, Canada

Jun 01–Jun 04

Alberta, Canada

Oct 21–Oct 22

Cleveland, OH


Florida Man

Taken from the true-life news stories that spawned many memes, Florida Man is an animated web short created by Manual Cinema that collects the crimes, misdemeanors, and bizarrely unclassifiable actions of denizens of the Sunshine State.

Premiered in 2017

Produced by Topic Media
Written & Directed by Drew Dir
Florida man 4
Florida man 5
Florida man 3
Florida Man 1

Produced by

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Produced by Topic Media

Written & Directed by Drew Dir


Storyboards and Shadow Puppets by Drew Dir

Animated Text by Lizi Breit

Music & Sound Design by Ben Kauffman, Kyle Vegter

Puppetry Build Assistants KT Shivak & Zofia Lu Ya Zhang


Lizi Breit

Sam Deutsch

Drew Dir

Kasey Foster

Dan Kerr-Hobert

Sara Sawicki


Ellen McSweeney, violin

Amanda Bailey, violin

Aimee Biasiello, viola

Alexander Elsworth, cello

David Scholl, double bass

Melissa Ngan, flute

Zachary Good, clarinets

Katherine Young, bassoon

Samuel Johnson, trumpet

Liz Deitemyer, french horn

Matthew Davis, trombone

Jim Langenberg, tuba

Peter Ferry, percussion

Ben Kauffman, guitar

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