May 04

Fort Collins, CO

May 17–May 19

Pittsburgh, PA

May 24–May 26


Jan 08–Mar 09

Minneapolis, MN

Countdown 2


Made in collaboration with acclaimed design studio Span, Countdown is a short film and original theatrical work that combines handmade shadow puppetry, live actors, music performance, and Span’s digital animation.

Countdown follows a woman in a rush, who must run against the clock as the world around her transforms into an unforgiving timekeeper. Beginning with the handmade sets and projected cinematic techniques by Manual Cinema, the piece visually evolves into a 3D digital world created and animated by Span.

Concept by John Pobojewski (Span)
Story, Puppetry, Music and Sound by Manual Cinema
Countdown Stills 11
Countdown Stills 16


John Pobojewski, SPAN
Concept, Design Direction, Animation, Story

Zach Minnich, SPAN
Design, 3D, Animation

Valeria Bernal, SPAN
Design, 3D, Animation

Drew Dir, Manual Cinema
Story, Production Design, Performance

Sarah Fornace, Manual Cinema
Story, Production Design, Performance

Julia Miller, Manual Cinema
Story, Production Design, Performance, Costume Design

Ben Kauffman, Manual Cinema
Sound Design

Kyle Vegter, Manual Cinema
Sound Design

Liviu Pasare
Technical Assistance

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