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Sep 23

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Sep 26

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Cleveland, OH

Oct 21–Oct 22

Cleveland. OH

Angled teal herbs

All of Them Witches

All of Them Witches is a one-hour documentary that explores an alternate and authentic history told from the perspective of today’s most well-known, practicing witches, as well as scholars of history and anthropology.

The film examines the provocative history of Witch Hunts, paganism and voodoo, and challenges the myths that have become the fabric of popular culture. Select experts featured in All of Them Witches include Pam Grossman, author of Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power, witch and entrepreneur Bri Luna, witch and author Amanda Yates Garcia and content creator and actor Curly Velasquez.

All of Them Witches premiered on AMC January 2, 2023.

Now streaming on AMC.

Directed by Mona Panchal
Shadow Puppetry & Animation by Manual Cinema
All of Them Witches Title Shot by Manual Cineam
Witches 2 Manual Cinema
All of Them Witches interview background by Manual Cinema
All of Them Witches 2022 Special Documentary Photo Credit Jon Gutierrez XTRAMC


Directed by Mona Panchal

Shadow Puppetry & Animation by Manual Cinema

Original Music Composed by Ben Kauffman and Kyle Vegter

Puppet Design & Storyboards by Drew Dir

Puppetry and Fabrication by Lizi Breit, Drew Dir, Sarah Fornace, Julia Miller, Myra Su

Interview Backgrounds by Drew Dir and Julia Miller

Director of Photography by Andrew Morgan

Line Producers Drew Dir & Julia Miller

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