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Dream Delivery Service Artwork

MC 10 Year Anniversary

Manual Cinema celebrated 10 years of making in August, 2020 with our Retrospectacular! We streamed four shows from our repetoire for free in chronological order throughout the month: Lula Del Ray, The End of TV, No Blue Memories: The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks, and Frankenstein.

The month-long celebration culminated in a one-night-only live stream event: Manual Cinema’s LIVE Tele-FUN-draiser World Premiere Special! Highlighting the most memorable moments of our last decade. It was hard to celebrate during the pandemic, but turning things virtual meant we could share our work with folks all over the globe. We even made a pandemic themed short that had it's world premiere, Dream Delivery Service, created and performed live by the five co-artistic directors for one live streamed performance. Catch it at the 24:00 minute mark!

Premiered August 20, 2020

Created by Manual Cinema

About Dream Delivery Service

A woman forced to work from home is driven out of her mind by self-isolation; that is, until she receives a letter from the Dream Delivery Service. The letter takes her on a journey of her own subconscious, culminating in a rendez-vous with a mysterious stranger on a bicycle. Told with overhead projectors, crankies, miniatures, and cameras, Dream Delivery Service is Manual Cinema’s first socially-distanced performance made exclusively for live streaming.

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10 year anniversary telefundraiser 2
Dream Delivery Service
Dream Delivery Service Sarah Fornace


TELE-FUN-DRAISER World Premier Special

Written and Directed by Julia Miller & Ben Kauffman

Hosted by Julia Miller

Music by Kyle Vegter & Ben Kauffman

Animations by Lizi Breait

Commercials by Vanessa Valiere & Jeff Paschal

“String of Echoes” by Myra Su & Tatsuo Aoki

“Room” by Maren Celest

Stage Manager Shelby Sparkle

Technical Director Mike Usrey

Dream Delivery Service

Created by Manual Cinema

Story by Drew Dir & Julia Miller

Original Music and Sound by Ben Kauffman & Kyle Vegter


Puppeteers Drew Dir, Sarah Fornace & Julia Miller

Musicians Ben Kauffman & Kyle Vegter


Stage Manager Shelby Sparkle

Technical Director/ Sound Engineer Mike Usrey

Special Thanks Mathias Svalina

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