Mementos Mori

When Death takes an unexpected holiday, an elderly film projectionist finds a new lease on life; a ghost explores the afterlife with her iPhone; and a seven-year-old girl discovers her own mortality. In Manual Cinema’s most ambitious show to date, a cast of six puppeteers use hundreds of paper puppets, seven overhead projectors, two cameras, and three screens to create a live “movie” in front of the audience. Accompanied by four musicians and live sound effects, the result is a rich mosaic of cinematic storytelling all performed live with puppets. Mementos Mori is a lively, beguiling meditation on death and dying.

Mementos Mori premiered in 2015 at the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the Chicago International Puppetry Festival.


Mementos Mori was written by Manual Cinema Artistic Directors: Drew Dir, Sarah Fornace, Julia Miller, Kyle Vegter and Ben Kauffman
Director: Julia Miller
Puppet Designer: Drew Dir
Associate Puppet Designer: Lizi Breit
Score by: Kyle Vegter
Sound Design by: Kyle Vegter
Costume Designer: Mieka van der Ploeg
Choreographer: Sarah Fornace
Mask Design: Julia Miller
Stage Manager and Live Video Editor: Mariana Green
Company Manager: Shelby Glasgow
Sound Engineer: Mike Usrey

Puppeteers: Lizi Breit (Laura), Linsey Falls (Mel), Diane Maire (Anna Francesca), Sara Sawicki (Lady), Shay Turnage (Marie)
Musicians: Deidre Huckabay (Flute, Vocals), Michael Hilger (Synthesizer, Guitar, Vocals) , Alex Ellsworth (Cello), Maren Celest (Vocals)
Live SFX: Maren Celest

Original Cast
Puppeteers: Kasey Foster (Lady), Charlotte Long (Anna Francesca), Diane Mair (Marie), Nicole Richwalsky (Laura), Mitch Salm (Mel), and Myra Su
Musicians: Deidre Huckabay (Flute, Vocals), Michael Hilger (Synthesizer, Guitar, Vocals) , Alex Ellsworth (Cello), Maren Celest (Vocals)
Live SFX: Maren Celest
Live Video Editor: Sarah Fornace
Stage Manager: Kate Hardiman
Sound Engineer: Mike Usrey
Costume Design: Marisa Chilberg

Music Credits
‘Make Yourself Comfortable’
Written By: Bob Merrill
Arranged and Performed by: Maren Celest, Michael Hilger,
Alex Ellsworth, and Deidre Huckabay
Produced by: Kyle Vegter

‘The Stars Will Lead Me to You’
Music and Lyrics by Ben Kauffman
Performed by: Ben Kauffman, Kyle Vegter, Michael Hilger, Deidre Huckabay, Alex Ellsworth
Produced by: Kyle Vegter

Mementos Mori was developed in part through the MCA Stage New Works Initiative, the University of Chicago Theatre and Performance Studies Summer, Inc. Residency, the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago, and the Almanack Farms Arts Colony.  Mementos Mori was funded in part by a 2015 Project Grant from The Jim Henson Foundation.


“Manual Cinema’s remarkable sleight-of-hand goes far beyond puppetry”
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times January 2015


Photos by Marc Perlish




Recipient of the 2015 Jim Henson Foundation Project Grant