The Magic City

Manual Cinema has adapted Edith Nesbit’s novel “The Magic City” for a live, cinematic shadow puppet show. Using overhead projectors, paper shadow puppets, live actors in silhouette, and miniature toy theater, Manual Cinema’s adaptation of The Magic City will update the novel for a modern retelling, creating a miniature city on stage that the audience will be able to explore themselves after every performance.

Manual Cinema’s The Magic City marks the creation of the company’s first all-ages production. It is being co-commissioned and presented by the Chicago Children’s Theatre and will premiere in January 2017 in their new performance space, The Station, in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. The production will open in conjunction with the second annual Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival.

The Magic City runs January 31-February 26, 2017 BUY TICKETS

Linsey Falls (Brandon/Puppeteer)
Sarah Fornace (Philomena/Puppeteer)
Julia Miller (Helen/Puppeteer)
Jeffrey Paschal (Lucas/Puppeteer)
Alex Babbitt (Keyboard, Flute, Vocals)
Maren Celest (Narration, Vocals, Live SFX, Ukelele)
Ben Kauffman (Guitar, Percussion, Vocals)
Sima Cunningham (Narration, Vocals, Live SFX, Ukelele understudy)

Based on the novel by Edith Nesbit
Conceived by: Manual Cinema
Devised by: Drew Dir, Sarah Fornace, Julia Miller
Screenplay and Storyboards by: Drew Dir
Art Direction and Puppets by: Lizi Breit and Drew Dir
Music by: Ben Kauffman and Kyle Vegter
Sound Design by: Ben Kauffman and Kyle Vegter
Lyrics by: Ben Kauffman
Costumes by: Mieka van der Ploeg
Miniatures by: Andrea Everman
Masks by: Julia Miller
Cat Puppet by: Sam Deustch and Julia Miller
Lighting Design by: Claire Chrzan
Stage Manager: Kate Hardiman
Production Managed by: Mike Usrey
Puppetry Build Interns: Nicole Nienow and Jacky Kelsey

“Manual Cinema’s ‘Magic City’ lets everyone in”
Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune, February 2017

Photos by Chuck Osgood and Julia Miller

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