Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth

A world premiere at Lookingglass Theatre December 7, 2016–February 19, 2017

Traveling storytellers Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth captivate audiences with spell-binding tales. But one day, The Big Bad Wolf mysteriously dies before his story is complete. Fairytales disappear from the pages, characters are utterly forgotten, and Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth must journey through the stories to restore order before they are lost forever.

Written and directed by Ensemble Member Doug Hara, this world-premiere weaves an exceptional story of adventure, love, and unexpected endings. Influenced by Neil Gaiman and other fantasy writers, Mr. and Mrs. Pennyworth is brought to life through the wondrous puppetry of Blair Thomas and reveals the transformational power of storytelling.

Written and Directed by Lookingglass Ensemble Member Doug Hara
Puppetry by Blair Thomas
Shadow Puppetry by Drew Dir, Sarah Fornace and Julia Miller for Manual Cinema Studios
Video Projection by Mike Tutaj

“Extraordinary visuals” “… These are two quite special performances, in a world that is similarly theatrical and distinctive.”
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“Compelling…a lovely world premiere”
Newcity Stage

Photos by Liz Lauren